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Day of Reckoning, Luke 11:45-54

A reckoning day for persecutors shall surely come (vs 50-51). There is something solemn in this statement. The number of those who have been put to death for the faith of Christ in every age of the world is exceedingly great. Thousands of men and women have laid down their lives rather than deny the Saviour and have shed their blood for the truth. At the time they died, they seemed to have no helper. Like Zacharias, James, Stephen, John the Baptist, Ignatius, Huss, Hooper, and Latimer, they died without resistance. They were soon buried and forgotten on earth, and their enemies seemed to triumph utterly. But their deaths were not forgotten in heaven. Their blood was had in remembrance before God. The persecutions of Herod, Nero, Diocletian, Bloody Mary, and Charles IX are not forgotten. There will be a great assize one day when the psalmist's words shall be seen to be true (Psalm 116:15). Let us often look ahead to the Judgement day. There are many things going on in this world that try our faith. The frequent triumphing of the wicked is perplexing. The frequent depression of the godly is a problem that appears hard to solve. But it shall all be made clear one day. All shall be unravelled and put in its right place. Every drop of righteous blood that has been spilt shall be required. How wicked it is to keep others back from religious knowledge! (vs52). The sin denounced here is awfully common. It is the sin of the Roman priest who forbids his people to read the bible. It is the sin of the unconverted Protestant minister who warns his people against extreme views and sneers at the idea of conversion. It is the sin of the marriage partner or parents who hold back their loved ones from getting involved or becoming serious in religion. All these bring down our Lord's denunciation on themselves by hindering others from entering heaven.

Let us watch ourselves that we may never hinder any from reading the bible, hearing the gospel or private prayer. Let us rather cheer them, encourage them, help them and thank God if they are better than ourselves. For mediation: In fact everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus, will be persecuted.
(2 Tim. 3:1) By JC Ryle

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