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In the gospel written by the Gentile, Luke, he tells us he wrote his gospel so that a man by the name of Theophilus might "have certainty concerning the things" he had been taught. And the Greek term translated "taught" is a word that sounds like, and is the source of our word, "catechized" (Luke 1:4). So he was catechized first, and then went on to study the inspired writings, such as the book of Luke, for himself. And, whether we realize it or not, it always has to be in that order. You do not start out in life with an ability to find the truth all by yourself. No, you have to hear it from others, especially your parents. And the fact is that some parents actually do know the truth. They are Bible-believing Christians: people who actually believe the historic Christian Faith and therefore have a burning desire to communicate that faith to their children. It is for this reason that Cornerstone United Reformed Church has again started its annual program of catechism and Bible instruction.

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One of the things we strongly emphasize in the Cornerstone United Reformed Church is the importance of education which is in harmony with the teaching of the Bible. We are therefore enthusiastic supporters of the Sanborn Christian School. To see something of this School in action click on the underlined words

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