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A Decision to Overcome Worldliness

Someone who wants to overcome the world realises that he has something to overcome. He sees that he has been floating with this world's mentality, thinking the way this world thinks, speaking the way this world speaks, and spending time and energy in the pursuit of worldly things. He now realises that his thoughts, words, and actions have all been worldly - that he has done nothing to the glory of God or out of true faith and obedience to the spirit of God's law. "I have wasted my life," he cries out. "Rather than overcoming this world, I have been overcome by this world. Its selfishness, pride, and materialism have swallowed me up."

Someone who overcomes the world makes a clean break from worldly friends, worldly activities, and worldly habits. Like Joshua, he decides, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord". He takes the cold plunge into potential rejection by the world, placing the fear of God above the fear of man, and esteeming God's desires of greater value then the desires of men.

Perseverance against worldliness takes great grace, for the battle is intense (Rom. 7). Worldly temptations entice us. Worldly people beguile us. Internal worldliness afflicts us. Satan, ruler of this world, knows our weaknesses. At times the attacks may be so powerful that we cry out with Paul, "Oh wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death!” (v. 24) By grace, one who would overcome the world strives for allegiance to God rather than the world. Finding freedom only in Christ and His service, he cries out, "Lord, Thou hast loosed my bonds; I will fight against returning to the slavery of sin with all that is within me." He sings with all his heart: “I am, only Lord, Thy servant, bound, yet free, Thy handmaid's son,whose shackles Thou hast broken. Redeemed by Grace, I'll render as a token Of gratitude my constant praise to Thee.” (Psalter-Hymnal 228, Stanza 9).

“Overcoming the World”: by J.R. Beeke

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